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WELCOME! is your local Canadian online shop for acoustic (sound that travels in the air) measuring instruments known as Sound Level Meters (SLM) or Decibel Meters. They work by testing the air pressure of sound waves - the more pressure, the more energy and potential harm the wave can cause. Decibel meters are used to test hums or noises from workplaces or industrial building, ambient environmental sounds, event loudness, vehicle stereo performance and more.

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Decibel Sound Meter

The Decibel Sound Meter is the perfect portable sound/noise measurement device for testing how loud an area or equipment is. This meter detects an impressive range of 30 to 130 decibels with an accuracy of 0.1 decibel. Meter takes a reading 2 times a second. There's a max button to lock maximum allowable reading. The foam windscreen is removable, helps keep the microphone clean.
  • Tests air pressure to determine decibels
  • Measures: 30-130dB A / 35-130dB C
  • Frequency Range: 31.5Hz to 8.5KHz
  • Self-calibration takes 3 seconds
  • Accurate to 0.1dB (decibels)
  • Power: One 9V battery (included)
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sound decibel meter
Decibel Examples
10 Decibels Person breathing
20 Decibels Voice at whisper volume
30 Decibels Quiet rural area
40 Decibels Library, low urban ambient
50 Decibels Inside conversation, quiet suburb
60 Decibels Restaurant conversation
70 Decibels Vacuum cleaner
80 Decibels Garbage disposal
90 Decibels Truck traffic (hearing loss with long term)
100 Decibels Motorcycle
110 Decibels Live rock music
120 Decibels Chainsaw (ear pain begins)
130 Decibels Balloon popping
140 Decibels Aircraft carrier deck (hearing loss with short term)
150 Decibels Fighter jet launch (eardrum rupture possible)
160 Decibels Shotgun firing
180 Decibels Rocket launch (death of hearing tissue)
194 Decibels Sound becomes shockwave (loudest possible sound)

Decibel Sound Logger

The Decibel Sound Meter Logger is a powerful sound/noise measuring device with data logging capabilities. Stores up to 4700 recordings. Connect via USB cable to a computer and analyze in real-time with printable graph and report. Detects sound waves ranging from 30 to 130 decibels, sampling 20 times a second. Backlight turns on automatically when operating.
  • Connect USB to export data or real-time record
  • Display decibels in numerical and bar graph
  • Measures: 30-130dB A / 35-130dB C
  • Stores up to 4700 recordings
  • Accurate to 0.1dB (decibels)
  • Power: Four AA batteries (included)
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sound decibel meter logger
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Rechargeable AA 4-Pack

This set of rechargeable batteries works perfectly with the Decibel Sound Logger. They can be used with any electronics that use regular AA batteries. Long lasting, this set can be recharged up to a 1000 times. They're a great way of reducing the amount of disposable batteries used in your electronic devices.
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride)
  • Recharge up to 1000 times
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • Capacity: AA 3000mAh
  • Dimensions: 51mm x 14mm
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rechargeable battery aa 4-pack